Business &
Real Estate Litigation

Property & Commercial Litigation

Beachside Legal has extensive civil litigation experience. We are experienced trial and appellate attorneys. We represent clients throughout the State of Florida in all state and federal court and arbitration proceedings.

We routinely represent individuals in the Complex Business Divisions in Florida. These individuals include but are not limited to real estate developers, hotel/restaurant owners and operators, lenders, entrepreneurs, business owners, shareholders, corporate officers and directors and commercial landlords in connection with their litigation needs. Although our litigators aggressively represent their clients, whenever possible, such zealous advocacy is balanced by a cost-benefit analysis in pursuit of a client’s goals.

We strive to add value to our clients’ goals. In doing so, we provide our clients with various billing methods to choose from, including hourly, contingency and hybrid fee arrangements.

Our real estate representation includes, but it not limited to, litigation of matters involving:

1) real estate contracts;

2) commercial landlords and tenants over entitlement to possession of real property and damages;

3) brokerage commissions;

4) construction defect claims;

5) Title Issues

6) Commercial Loan Disputes